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Here is our Schedule 
INSHORE STRIPERS, SEA BASS, COD ,Starts April/ MAY, Sea Bass may be open earlier this year, which will give us a wreck fishing season. Sea Bass, Cod and Striper Fishing will be some of our best earlier options.
Tuna and Shark fishing starts in June we had some great Mud Hole Bluefin Fishing in June and I would like to take advantage of a few June Canyon Trolling trips ( May have a few weekday Canyon Troll specials )The last few years Mid to late June the Big Eyes have rolled through our canyons!
 NEW JERSEY Sept-October,  Overnight Canyon Fishing, Inshore Bluefin.
October - November we fish the canyons,local wrecks and along the beach for Stripers.
Fluke Full day Trip  $850 FUEL AT $5.00 Trip is $950
Leave the dock at 7:00 am .  Times can be adjusted to meet your needs 
Fluke fishing is the most relaxing type of trip.  Have a cold drink, listen to your favorite music and drift along.  This makes for a great “family experience”.  We typically travel two to fifteen miles and fish in 30 to 80 feet of water, depending on where the fish are.  While fishing for fluke, we will drift bottom structure/contours making many short drifts or a few long drifts depending on the action.  Most of the fishing is done right off the beach so you can enjoy the beauty of our coastline.  We will bait your hooks, handle your fish, fillet and ice your catch for the ride home. 
Your job is to relax and enjoy the day.
Striper Fishing full day Trip $950 FUEL at $5.00/gal Trip is $1050
Leave the dock at 6:00 am .Times can be adjusted to meet your needs early morning or late day is best.
We will Jig or troll depending on the action.The last several years Striper fishing has improved dramatically right off our inlet.There are usually bluefish mixed in which provide an action packed day!
Wreck Fishing  Full day  $950 FUEL at $5.00/gal Trip is $1050 
 Leave the dock at 6:00 am . The earlier the better to get on a good wreck.
Wreck fishing is the most productive method of fishing for Black Fish and Sea Bass.  We will travel between one to fifteen miles.  When we arrive at the wreck, we will mark it.  Once we mark it, we will drop the anchor and drop back to the wreck.  Be patient--this may take some time.  When positioned correctly, be prepared for NON STOP action.  Catching Black Fish and Sea Bass is a blast.  This type of fishing can be enjoyed by everyone .  We will handle your fish, cut your bait, bait your hooks and clean your fish.  So bring your wife, kids or girlfriend and let's go fishing.
Cod Fishing has improved over the past few years April and May are the best time for Cod,due to the need to travel to deeper wrecks 30+ miles there is an additional charge for COD.

Bluefishing (troll or chum)  full day  $950 FUEL AT $5.00/gal Trip is $1050 
Leave the dock at 6:00 am .
We will travel between twelve to twenty miles off shore.  If the troll bite is good, we set the outriggers and spread and work areas with structure.  If we decide to chum, we will set the anchor and begin to establish a chum slick.  We will bait the hooks and drift the chunk baits into the slick. When you get a bite, HOLD ON.  Bluefishing is very exciting.  They fight hard when they start biting, you won't believe the action.  If we chum them or troll them, you will know you have been bluefishing by your sore arms.
Leave the dock at 5:30 am .
For most shark trips, we will travel from twenty to sixty miles and fish the twenty or thirty fathom line.  Once we arrive at our location, we will scout the area looking for the right water temperature and clarity.  When those conditions are right, we will figure the wind and current to line up our drift to cover as much structure as possible.  The boat will be put on the drift and we will start our chum slick.  We will set three to five lines depending on the conditions.  Then the waiting game begins. 
 Come on, Mister Mako!

NJ Inshore Tuna Troll,Jig or Chunk to 40 miles $2,200 40+Miles $2,500 FUEL at $5.00/gal trips are $2400 to 40 miles and $2800 for 40+ miles
Leave the dock at 4:30 or 2:30 am 
We will target bluefin and yellowfin tuna .The past few years we have had a great inshore bite. The triple wrecks have been very good.Out of Barnegat we have the option to fish the AP , Triple wrecks , Ollies, Lemkes , the Lobster claw, 30 fath lump. If there are yellowfins or bluefins around we can get to them.
Canyon Day Troll Trip  $3200 FUEL AT $5.00/gal Trip is $3400
Leave the dock at 12:00 midnight.
The weather has to be right for a day troll trip or we will spend too much time traveling and not enough time fishing.  We leave at midnight and cruise ten to fourteen knots.  This will put us on the fishing grounds at first light.  We will scout the area looking for bait and water temperature.  When the conditions are right, down come the outriggers and out goes the spread.  You will have an opportunity to catch Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo and Marlin.  Fishing doesn't get much more exciting than trolling the edge.  FISH ON!!!  We will troll for about six to seven hours depending on conditions.  Back at the dock, we will clean and bag your catch.
Canyon Overnight  Approx 28 Hour Trip  $3,900 FUEL AT $5.00/gal Trip is $4,200
.50Leave the dock at 9:00 am and return the next day at 1:00 pm.
This is it the BEST WAY to experience Canyon Fishing!  You get three shots at the fish.  When we first arrive at the edge between one and two o'clock, we will begin trolling.  The outriggers go down and we put the spread out.  We troll eight to eleven lures.  Multiple hook ups will stop your heart!  During this time we will scout an area to set up for the night chunk, all the while looking for the temperature breaks, weed lines and bait.  First day troll will last about four to five hours.  Once we decide where to spend the night, all lines in and we will anchor up on the edge between 300 and 700 feet.  We chunk three to six lines, depending on the conditions.  We will fish all night or until you catch your limit!  In the morning at first light, it's back on the troll.  Overnight trips are the most productive method to fish the canyons.  You will have an opportunity to catch: Tuna (Bigeye, Yellowfin, Longfin, Bluefin), Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish, Marlin and Sharks.
Give us a call or fill out the form on our contact page .
Can't wait to go!!